How to play SWF animations using frame labels.

SWF frame labels let you to play frame animations on various interaction states of the game object. These animations work the same as TutoTOONS animations provided in object settings. To activate this feature you have to label frames in SWF timeline when creating it.


List of labels that can be used:

“appear_ani” – Frame will be played when object appears on start of the scene.

“disappear_ani” – Frame will be played when object disappears on end of the scene.

“idle_ani” – Frame will be played while no interactions are made.

“click_ani” – Frame will be played on click.


Steps to create a labeled swf:

1. Create a MovieClip as a single symbol in Adobe Animate CC (same as normal animation file for TutoTOONS).

2. Create frames with labels inside that MovieClip.

3. Add objects with state animations to each frame.

4. Upload your SWF to TutoTOONS library and add your object to scene.

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