New Random Drag & Drop Game Type

This new game type allows you to add "arcade" style to your sorting scenes. Each "Game Object" will appear at set interval. Player will have to drag the object to the designated area. You can also add a "Target" object to the scene. If there will be a "Game Object" which has same image, that "Game Object" will have another designated area were it can be dragged to. For example, yellow socks can be dragged to a bin of dirty clothes, also to the bin with the yellow clothes. It is a great game type for sorting game which has arcade element in it.

 Also, variaty of settings, gives designers freedome how the game type works.

  •  "Always Go To Correct" - it is enough to click on the object and it will go to the designated area.
  • "If Target Missed Move Game Object Back" - will return the objcet to its starting position, if not, then object will stay were it was placed.
  • "Spawn Game Object" - interval, how often will objects appear. Reduce the value if you want to achieve  more dynamic results and incriesed difficulty.
  • "Disappear Game Object After" -  how long the "Game Object" will be active for player to click on it.

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