Game Validation

Game validation tool will help creators to avoid common mistakes when preparing game assets, also speed up the game testing and publishing process. By validating your game you will be able to follow what parts are left out, which parts can be improved for performance, also, you will be able to see aproximate game size when it is going to be published, so you can follow how much assets you can use in your game.

Game validation tool has the following modules:

  • Check missing branch titles - one of the new requirements for creators is to name each branch in "Multiple Endings" scene. If you do not name the branch, you will be notified, when validating your game.
  • Check SWF animations - this module checks your SWF animation files if they matches TutoToons builder requirements. You can find information on how to create SWF animations here.
  • Check for duplicate resource - finds all resources which are the same but are uploaded to your library and used in different scenes more than once. 
  • Check for PNG images used as backgrounds - this is an old, forgotten requirement. We recommend using JPG (SWF if there is a need for animated background) for game optimisation and performance.
  • Check drawing layers size - this modules will check "Move and Draw" and "Move and Erase" scenes in your game and will find resources which could be optimised. Although sometimes, you will encounter situations were fixing the warning is impossible, due to the design ideas.
  • Check downscaled images - finds images/animations which are uploaded into library and used in scenes with reduced scale, meaning that the image/animation could be smaller,
  • Check game size - calculates the the size of each scene in Megabytes and find pixel count. This module will provide information which scenes can be optimised to prevent frame drops. Also, it will display aproximate game size when it is going to be published. Please note, that there are ~15MB of files which are neccessary to include in a published game such as ad services, libraries etc. These 15MB are included into the total game size calculations.

To access game validation tool, click on the "Game validation" link in the scene hierarchy view, just under the "Game options" link.

After clicking on the link, please wait, while validator gathers information about your game. It might take up to few minutes depending on the size of the game and the device which you are runing the validator on. If you are doing this over web browser, it will not take long.

When the information is gathered, validation process starts and checks each scene and resource. When each module is completed, you will see if it passed or not by checkbox indicator. If module fails, it creates a report: which resource or scene has a problem. When all the modules are completed, you will get a summary of your game: if there are any issues or not, also the aproximate size of the game. If there will be issues, you can access that information by click the "View results" button. 

In the results view you will find a report which was generated by each module. A module provides information depending on its type, ussually it will be information about what is wrong with the resource or the scene. Explanations are straight forward, meaning that, module will state an issue which has to be fixed. Please note, sometimes issue might not be fixable, if so, we will ignore it and will continue with the publishing process of your game.


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