How to create animation files with Animate CC

To create animation files (swf) which can be used with TutoToons game builder you will need a Adobe Animate CC. There are several important steps to follow in order to create a functioning animation file. 

First, take a look at video tutorial. 

Short summary of the steps:

  • Create a new project, and setup stage settings. Width and height of the stage does not matter, but you must set frame rate to 60 fps.

  • Create a new movieclip and create all your animated content there. Before exporting animation file (swf) make sure to set a unique class name for your movieclip. Please note, every new animation file has to have a unique class name. If you make some changes to already existing animation file and you want to see the changes in the builder, also change the class name, export new animation file, upload it again to TutoToons builder and replace the resource in the scene.

  • Add your movieclip to the stage and change its position. Also, do not change any of the movieclip settings, other than position. These features are not supported (3D Position and View, Color Effect, Display, Accessibility, Filters) in TutoToons game builder and may cause visual or performance glitches.

  • To export the animation file simply use shortcut commands on your keyboard. Windows: ctrl+return, Mac cmd+return.

List of Do's and Dont's


  • Set frame rate to 60 fps.
  • Create main movieclip and put all other animated objects inside it.
  • Assign Class name for the main movieclip, which holds all animations.
  • Add main movieclip to the stage at (x:0.0, y:0.0).


  • Assign instance name to any of the objects.
  • Use 3D Position, Color Efect, Display options (cache as bitmap), Accesibility options, Filters.
  • Align main movieclip to the stage background.

Now your file is ready to be uploaded to TutoToons game builder.

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