Guidelines for Artists: Image Size

Here are the most common mistakes that artists make in creating game art and tips how to avoid them. Creating images the correct way will reduce your game size and improve its performance on mobile devices.

1. An image has a lot of unnecessary transparent background which increases its dimensions.

Avoid drawing rotated images, always crop the image and don’t leave empty transparent background around it.

Another example how you can save a lot of resources by simply rotating and cropping the image.

2. Blurry backgrounds are saved as high resolution images (e. g. 2732x1536).

Blurry images are less detailed and there is no point in saving them as high resolution images when lower resolution gives the same quality and helps to reduce image size.

3. Using a lot of slightly different versions of the same background.

It is better to use one background and add additional details while building your game with TutoTOONS.

4. Uploading too big images to TutoTOONS Builder.

Layers should be uploaded at 50-75% and scaled up in the editor. This prevents lag. Everything else should be uploaded at the final size, more or less.

Final Note

The size of any image file has to be as small as possible (that is why background images have to be saved as JPG). The size of all images used to create the game determines the total size of the game. However, image resolution is even more important because the number of pixels determines game performance on less powerful devices.

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