How to Build a Game with TutoTOONS?

First time at TutoTOONS? You probably have some questions how everything works. This short article will not only guide you through the main stages of game creation and publishing with TutoTOONS but also introduce you to our Help Center.

Before you get started, you must know that our team is ready to help you with your game in all its creations stages. Email us at and we'll be happy to give you feedback on your game topic, idea, storyboard, graphics, game itself, and more!

6 Simple Steps Towards a Successful Game

1. Learn the possibilities of TutoTOONS.

Watch our short video tutorials and try to recreate existing games.

2. Define a selling game concept.

This includes knowing your audience and competitors, choosing the right game topic, game monetization and drawing a detailed storyboard or writing a game design document (GDD).

3. Create game graphics.

Use your artistic skills and draw the main characters, backgrounds and other objects for your game. If you made yourself a detailed storyboard or GDD, you will know exactly what you need to draw. And if you know how to use Adobe Flash, you can create SWFs for your game.

4. Build a game with TutoTOONS.

Upload your graphics to TutoTOONS, choose from a variety of game scenes and build your game. Add animations, visual effects and sounds to your game objects and watch how your drawings become alive! And when the game is finished, email us at so we could test it.

5. Get ready for game publishing.

Create game icon, screenshots, promo screen and game ads, write a nice game description with the most important keywords and prepare a short gameplay video. You're almost set!

6. Sign the contract and create App Annie account.

This is probably the easiest part: email us a signed contract and register at App Annie. We will send you your game links once it's published and start promoting it to our players. Spread the news about your game, follow its performance on App Annie and invoice us to get your revenue share!

Please note: Sometimes we contact graphic artists and suggest to create a game as a freelancer for a one-time fixed author's fee instead of game revenue share. In cases like this, we will provide you a game design document. You will only need to create game graphics, build a game with TutoTOONS and get it ready for publishing (see steps 3, 4 and 5). One of our game production managers will guide you through all game creation process.



Now there are 2 main ways to work on TutoTOONS games for game designers and game artists.

#1 You Work Alone

You generate a game idea, write the GDD, draw the graphics, build the game with TutoTOONS and animate it.

+ You are responsible for each game development step and do not spend time for explanations of how you think everything should look like.

+ You are not dependent on someone’s free time and can organize your working process as you want to.

+ You will receive more % of revenue the game will earn.

- It takes more time and is more challenging to do everything alone.


#2 You Work With an Artist (or Game Designer)

The default TutoTOONS way of co-working between game designer and game artists is like this:

Game designer is responsible for generating the game idea, writing the GDD, keeping in touch with an artist and TutoTOONS team as long as game is under construction. 20% of game revenue goes to game designer.

Game artist has to draw the graphics according to the GDD made by game designer, build a game with TutoTOONS and animate it. 30% of game revenue goes to artist.

! Important note: It is always up to you how to organize your co-working process. For example, Yana (game artist) and I (game designer) understood that it will be faster and easier if she only paints, and I will be the one who builds a game from graphics and animates it. We also agreed that each of us gets 25% of game revenue. You can read more about our game creation experience here.

+ Often, it is much easier both physically and psychologically to work not alone.

+ When 2 people think of a game, there are more chances to produce more bright ideas.

+ If you have only game idea and you are not an artist, TutoTOONS team can help you find one. the same works for game artists who want to create games based on ready GDDs.

! Important note: If you work in team, regular communication is very important! If you have any doubts or questions, try to discuss everything. It is the key to successful team!

- You will share the game revenue.

I think that these are the main differences between the two main ways to create the game with TutoTOONS. Sure, there are more, it depends on each of you.

! Important note: Saving your game after editing

If there is more than 1 people working on the same game, please remember to check with them that they're not all at the same time editing the game. If there is more than 1 people on the editing mode, it can affect the saving process and lose part of the work.



  • Accepted GDD is shown to artists in special channel on Slack, currently the main communication center of TutoTOONS.
  • Artists who are interested in creating graphics for this game concept draw some sketches.
  • Game designer reviews sketches and chooses the artist he/she likes the most.
  • The magic of game creation process begins! :)


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