Author Payments

When your game was successfully published and you already see your game data on App Annie, payments for your creative work are what comes next.

Author payments are not automatic yet, so here's how it works now.

Set Your App Annie Currency to Euros

From 2015 July 1, all payments are made in EUR so you might want to see your game revenue in Euros too.

1. Log in to your App Annie account, click on your name in the top menu and select User Settings in the drop down menu.

2. In the User Settings, select the Site Preferences tab and choose the currency that you want to be displayed (EUR).

Calculate Your Monthly Payment

In the first week of every month, you should review game revenue data on App Annie and determine how much money we have to pay you. We do it too.

How to calculate your 1st payment:

  • Add your game revenue from all 3 app stores.
  • Count your revenue share based on the percentage that is specified in Exhibit A in your contract.

Example 1: Your game made 800 on App Store, Google Play and Amazon from its launch on March 5 to March 31 (last day of the month is the last day of payment period). Your game revenue share is 50%, so we should pay you 400. That's your game revenue for March.

App Annie data may change over time, therefore the payments are based on all time (not last month) game revenue. It helps to avoid under- and overpayment.

How to calculate your 2nd, 3rd, 4th... payment:

  • Get all time game revenue from App Annie (game launch date - last day of the previous month).
  • Calculate your revenue share.
  • Subtract all previous payments.

Example 2: Your game earned you 400 in March and it's the beginning of May - time to check your April revenue. Your game made 1,500 on all 3 app stores from March 5 to April 30. In total, your game earned you 1,500 x 50% = 750. You've already received 400 for March and you should get 750 - 400 = 350 for April.

You can always choose to delay the payment and get your revenue share with any next payment.

Example 3: You decided to wait and we did not pay you €400 for March. Your game revenue share that can be paid for March and April is €750.

Monthly payment is processed only if it exceeds 100 Euros, as indicated in the Author's Agreement.

  • If you made more than 1 game, your total revenue share from all your games must exceed 100 Euros to process the monthly payment.
  • If your monthly game revenue share is less than 100, the payment will be processed during the first month when your game revenue share exceeds 100.

Example 4: Your game has earned you €80 in May and €70 in June. You can receive a payment of €80 + €70 = €150 after June.

! Important note: Before 2015 July, all payments were made in US dollars. If the currency in your contract is US dollars, then the minimum amount to be paid is 100 USD and the payment will be made in Euros

See section 2. Author's Fee in the contract for more payment details.


If your monthly payment exceeds 100, you should email us an invoice. Example:


You can use this invoice template. Follow these guidelines:

  • If you made more than 1 game that generates you revenue, specify your revenue share from each game in a separate row in the payments table.
  • Fill in your personal and payment details, and email the invoice at
  • Do not sign the invoice.
  • Send the invoice in MS Word, Google Docs or similar file format so we could edit it.
  • In case we do not receive an invoice from you, we will send it to you and remind about the payment.

Currently TutoTOONS makes money transfers with PayPal, Skrill or by bank. Make sure that your payment details are correct!

Always pay income tax that applies in your country!

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