App Store Description

Game description can motivate people to download your game. Your task is to prepare an informative description of your game, similar to this. We strongly recommend to read a few game descriptions on Google Play or other app store first.

Game Title

Google Play limits game title to 30 characters (with spaces). Try to think up a catchy name that express the essence of your game, e. g.:

Sweet Baby Girl Beauty Salon

App Store app names can be up to 255 characters. In this case, you can add some keywords to your game name, e. g.:

Sweet Baby Girl Beauty Salon - Manicure, Makeup and Hair Care


Before writing the description, create a list of keywords related to the topic of your game.

Choose the most relevant words so that people could discover your app when they search for new games on the app stores.

You have max. 100 characters for keywords. Separate them with commas instead of spaces, and do not repeat words that are in your App Store game title:

Game Title: Sweet Baby Girl Beauty Salon - Manicure, Makeup and Hair Care

Keywords: spa,makeover,dress up,nail,art,face,cut,color,shampoo,haircut...

Short description

Short game description is required by Google Play. Describe your game in max. 80 characters (with spaces), e. g.:

Style hair, create makeup and do nails in the best baby beauty salon!


Game description can be up to 4,000 characters length. Make it not too long, easy to read, exciting and fun.

If your game is for kids, focus not only on them but also on their parents. Usually parents download apps for their kids. Explain how your game works and what it is about, present the characters, describe the mini games and game activities. If your game is educational, highlight the benefits that the player can get!

Try to use as many keywords as you can in the first 1-3 sentences of your game description.

In-App Purchases

Specify your in-app purchases information inside the game and in your game description:

  • In-app purchase title.
  • Short in-app purchase description.
  • Price. Usually it's $0.99 for shorter mini games and $1.99 for longer ones.


Hair Care

Unlocks baby hair care activities.


No Ads and Unlock All + No Ads are standard in-app purchases for all games. They are already included in the game description template.

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