Screenshots [Updated]

Screenshots are your next opportunity [after game icon] to impress potential players and make them want to download your game even more. Take advantage of it.


Make at least 5 screenshots of these dimensions, JPG:

  • iPhone 6 Plus - 1242 × 2208 px, portrait
  • iPad Pro - 2732 x 2048 px, landscape
  • Amazon - 800 x 480 px, landscape

Max. screenshot size: 1.5 MB

Note: iPhone 6+ and iPad screenshots will be used for game publishing on Google Play. You do not need to make separate screenshots for Google Play.


Good screenshots take time to make. For the best result, do not just screen capture your game.

The screenshots should recreate certain activities to give users an idea of what the game looks like.

You can include actual screenshots but limit them to two and make sure that they are easy to understand without needing a verbal explanation.

Include text to explain what will happen in each activity, but keep it short and direct.

Include the character in each screenshot and make sure to give the feeling that they are enjoying themselves (smiling, waving, etc., all to make the game more inviting and appealing).

Show tools in action by including motion lines or ‘whooshes’ with sparkles to help give the feeling that the tool is moving and is dynamic.

Don’t overload the scene with objects, think about what you want to communicate and what you want the user to focus on.

Use the same fonts throughout and make sure they are easy to read and are legible when placed against different backgrounds or objects.

It’s more effective to use background colors and/or designs instead of the actual game backgrounds in many instances.







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