In-App Purchases

Currently TutoTOONS games are monetized using free to play (F2P) model: you can download the game and play for free. However, some parts or features of the game are locked with in-app purchases (IAP). This means that you have to pay if you want to enjoy the full version of the game.

If you want to add in-app purchases to your TutoTOONS game, simply use the Multiple Endings game scene and:

  • Create a few game branches (mini games).
  • Lock some of your game branches with in-app purchases and leave the others free.
  • Write IAP titles and set prices inside your game!

Examples how it looks in different games:

It is important to have a clear strategy which mini games will be free and which - paid.

Your game should contain interesting free mini games to motivate the player play more and pay for it.

Paid mini games should be entertaining too if you don’t want to disappoint your fans.

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    Mantas Kavaliauskas

    Great tutorial !

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