How to Add Animations & Visual Effects

You can add animations and movements to images and objects in your game scenes. Your game will look and feel much more dynamic if you make birds fly, clouds race across the sky or your characters blink!

4 simple steps to make a game with animations and visual effects:

1. Choose a game scene and add some images.
2. Select the image that you want to animate and open its Object Settings.
3. Click the icon of animation that you want to add or edit: Start, End, Idle, Click Animation or Particle Effect.

4. Select animation from the list and set its speed with a slider.


  • You can control the speed of every effect and adjust animation to your game.
  • Animations and effects can be showed on scene start or end, on idle or when the player clicks the image or game object.
  • Different game scenes and game objects can have different animations.
  • Click the Recycle Bin icon to remove the animation or visual effect.

Tap the small Play button to see the real-time preview of animation and adjust its speed with a slider.

Tip to test animations faster: Preview the animation at a different speed right after you change its value. Press the speed slider and the animation loop will start over at a new speed.

For visual effects, you can set the size, amount and speed of particles, and see how it looks while you choose the best parameters.

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