App Annie Account

App Annie account is required for you to track your game performance (downloads and revenue). Simply go to App Annie and register. You only need to do this once and you can follow the instructions here.

You will also need to specify the email that you used for registering with App Annie in the game publishing contract.

When your game is published, we will send you an App Annie email notification and you will be able to track it in the Analytics tab.

Log In > App Analytics > Dashboard:

Alternatively, you can click directly here:

In Overview, you get both downloads and revenue data. Type the name of your game and select the apps you want data from. Most likely, you would want to have an overview of all apps - in this case, select them manually or click “Select all”. They will appear on the right part of the screen, in “Current Selection”. Click “Done”.

After this, don’t forget to set the Date Range and click “Done”:

Below you will be able to see a graph and a table with the game data:

For your monthly invoice, please remember we always calculate your game revenue from the earliest date possible (publishing date, for example) to the last day of the current month. We do not calculate the revenue from the 1st to the last day of the month. This is done in order to adjust any fluctuation in data, such as cancellations, currency exchange, etc. We always calculate revenue in Euros.

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