Game Ads

Create 3 game ads so we can promote your game in other TutoTOONS games (1 of each size, JPG, less than 1 MB):

  • 1500 x 1120 px, landscape
  • 1560 x 750 px, landscape
  • 1600 x 900 px, landscape

You can make different ad versions (up to 3 of each size) - we will test the ads and use the best version for cross-promotion.


The ads are what will appear in other games as cross-promotion and will include a download call-to-action button.

These are a ‘summary’ of your game and should include the most appealing graphics and activities only.

Don’t overload the scene with objects, think about what you want to communicate and what you want the user to focus on.

Use the same fonts throughout and make sure they are easy to read and are legible when placed against different backgrounds or objects.

Save time - download and use our templates for game ads.


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