Promo Screens for Paid Mini Games

If you locked some game branches of your game with in-app purchases, we recommend to create promo screens (1 promo screen for each paid mini game).

These promotional game scenes serve as ads. Players see the promo screen when they tap the locked game activity and they can instantly make the purchase. Therefore, it is another great opportunity to get your players excited and increase your game revenue.

Promo screens have the same dimension requirements as game backgrounds. Do not place important design elements at the bottom of the image - they will hide under 'buy' buttons. Add animations to make your promo screens and mini games look even more exciting!

Test your promo screens with this template to see how they will look inside the game.


How to Upload Promo Images

1. Open the game builder and log in to the “edit” mode of your game. There, click on the icon of the branch you will lock and where you want to upload the promo image(s).

2. Once you click on the icon, add the name of the branch. You also need to configure the monetization of the branch by ticking the Allow to pay with money or Allow to pay with TutoCoins boxes (when applicable). Finally, tick the box Enable promo screen and save.

3. You will notice a new “scene” will appear on the branch; that is the promo screen. Click on it to go inside the scene and upload the promo image(s).

4. To create the promo screen, simply add the images as you would with any other scene in the game. Upload the images to the Library and then drag them onto the scene. After doing this, save the scene.

5. The promo screen of the (locked) branch has been created. On the map, you’ll be able to see the lock icon over the branch icon. The lock can also be scaled and configured to have animations, just like any other graphic in the game.



Try to show the best and most interesting things of every game branch that is paid and locked with in-app purchase. Write some keywords or short phrases explaining what the player will do if he or she unlocks this mini game. Make your players excited and want to unlock the mini games!

  • Promo screens are created in the builder and should incorporate animations.
  • Keep the font the same as used for the map and on the other marketing materials.
  • Make sure the font is legible against the background.
  • Keep the screen simple and uncluttered, only include a few elements to help explain the activity.
  • You can add mini games (like tapping bubbles) in the promo screens to make them more attractive.


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