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Pick the topic that suits you and your drawing style best. Be creative - adapt the topic as much as you like. We recommend you to play different games for kids before choosing one topic.

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So you want to create a game. Here’s a few things you should know when you are thinking what your game should be about:

--> TutoTOONS main target audience is 3–8 years old little girls.

--> Thus, the main characters of the game should be very girly and sweet: little kids (mostly girls), babies, pets, baby animals, cute fairy creatures.

--> Game activities. Little girls are generally interested in: caring (bathing, feeding, healing), cooking (preparing food and drinks), dress-ups, decoration, makeups and similar games, where you can design unique fashion looks for characters.


--> First and foremost, we strongly recommend you to play lots of games that are already published. It is very important: this way you will understand what games are popular among kids quickly and easy.

Playing TutoTOONS games will help you understand what type of activities can be realized using this game builder. The more games you’ll play, the better.

--> Second, use your own experience. You were a kid once too! Try to remember what you liked, what was interesting for you. Maybe you wanted to have little dragon as a pet or maybe you wanted your dolls and puppets to become alive, or maybe you wanted to have your own tree house? In short, your game should give kids the experience they cannot have in their real lives.

--> Third, watch kids’ movies, cartoons or TV shows, read fairy tale books. All media targeting kids is a great source of inspiration for your game activities.

! Important note: Regardless the inspiration source, always remember that there is copyrights. You cannot use characters and other things that are protected by trademarks in your game.

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