Know Your Competitors

Once you choose a game topic, get to know your competitors. Search for successful games with the same or similar topic. If someone has already made a game with the same topic and there’s a lot of competition on app stores, it’s actually a good sign. Popular topic means that many people like it.

Google Play and App Annie are useful sources for finding games with topic like yours.



Google Play

Google Play is a great information asset as it shows the number of game downloads, its reviews and comments. This data will help you identify and analyze successful games.

Enter your game topic keywords in the search box. E. g., if you type in “monkey”, you will get a list of games related to this topic.

Open each game and quickly review its:

  • Number of reviews and average rating.
  • Number of downloads.
  • Graphics and description.
  • Player reviews and comments.
  • Gameplay and game video (if available).

Let’s review a random game for Monkey topic - Banana Kong.

Number of reviews and average rating

Find out how many people reviewed the game and how well. Next to the icon you can see the number of people who reviewed it (1,920,942) and its rating (4 stars).

Almost 2 million people reviewed Banana Kong, which is considerable. Average rating is 4 out of 5. Looks like a good game!


Find out how many people downloaded it. At the bottom of the page you will see a range of downloads.

A good game usually has at least 1,000,000 downloads unless it’s quite new. Here we clearly have a winner!

Graphics & Description

Does game graphics looks professional? Look at the icon and screenshots to evaluate it.

Scan game description and learn how it promotes the game (gives good reasons why the game is fun, makes you want to download it, sounds convincing, etc.).

Reviews & Comments

Scan player reviews and find out what people like and dislike about the game.

Learn things that people like and use (or adapt) them in your own game.


Watch game video (if available) to see and understand its gameplay.

Try to find out more what exactly made a particular game successful. Download a few competitor games that you liked the most and play them on your phone or tablet. See how they work for yourself.

Play games to get new ideas for your game. Get inspired by different gameplays, designs, characters and mini games.

P. S. If you like a specific game mechanic but it is not unavailable at TutoTOONS, drop us an email at with some details about the game template you need and links to game examples.


App Annie

App Annie gives you lists of top games. As for our current player audience, we recommend you to take a look at top 50 games in these 4 categories:

If you want to see the statistics of the biggest mobile gaming market, set the following search parameters:

  • Device - iPad
  • Country - United States
  • Category - Games

Free resources like Google Play and App Annie can help you refine your game concept and gameplay of mini games as well as inspire with new design ideas.

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