Make people who download your game play it more than once. It’s simple: if the players continue to play your game from day to day, you can earn more money from your game.

To achieve it, your game should be long and challenging enough to keep the player entertained for a longer period of time. The difficulty of the game should also increase level by level. Keep in mind the age of your target players - you don’t want to make the game too complex.

In TutoTOONS, you can use TutoCOINS virtual currency to extend the playing time of your game.


Most common examples how you can use coins:

  • Reward the player with coins in mini games.
  • Add mini games where the player could spend coins.
  • Lock mini games with coins.
  • Add activities in which the player could get coins as a gift or prize.

If you are using the Dress Up or Decoration game template, make some items free and lock the best ones with coins. The player then will have to play more to earn enough coins and get the desired item. You can lock game levels with coins as well.

If you lock something with coins, you must give your player a chance to earn them, right? Game mechanics like Move & Navigate or Run & Jump are perfect for that: easy to create and super fun to play. Use the same (or slightly modified) graphics and simply adjust advanced settings to create many different levels.

Daily Bonus and Wheel of Fortune game scenes are specifically designed to increase user retention as they reward the player with a daily gift (bonus coins just for turning on your game).

Important Update (2015 July 21): Google Play no longer allows Wheel of Fortune for games in Family category. Please do not add this game scene if you are creating a game for kids and want us to publish your game.

Read more about Google Play's Designed for Families program and its benefits.

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