Release notes for version 3.3.14, February 9

  • Template “Dress Up & Decorate”:
    • Adding a new item into the scene while having another selected in the “wardrobe” will now match its’ position/rotation/scale.
    • Both video-ad and coin locks are now visible in the editing mode as well.
    • Added a “wardrobe overview animation”, that scrolls through all of the items to show the contents and an icon pulsate animation when creating an item.
  • Now it’s possible to create a level map using template “Multiple Endings”.
  • Template "Move & Draw": Now able to add multiple tools and select on which layer tool can draw.
  • New object type “Photo frame” in templates “Drawing”, “Coloring” and “New Dress Up & Decorate”. Photo frame allows user to change position, size and rotation of photo. This new object has setting “Show Photo Frame”, which controls if the frame itself is included into photo or not.
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